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Computer consultancy for television companies

Software development

Tiger Computer Services offers expertise in Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic, ASP and COM. Solutions have been developed for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This has included integration with back end data sources such as SQL Server 2000 and Oracle, and creating resilient load balanced application server architectures.

Tiger Computer Services has extensive experience of computer based Newsroom systems, developing computer graphics systems and custom broadcast machine control as well as working on cutting edge interactive television projects.

Our text to screen SMS moderation system, Niagara SMS, has provided viewer feedback for QVC UK since 2004.


Providing in depth knowledge of both the latest IT developments and the UK broadcast television market Tiger Computer Services provides a complete solution for IT in television and similar high demand environments.

Latest news

February 2009 - NxtGenUG (Birmingham) Presentation

Liam is presenting at a double header on Virtualisation. Guy Smith-Ferrier will be talking about automated testing with Virtual Server 2005. Liam will be providing an overview of use of virtual machines for developers.

Event details - 12 February 2009 Birmingham.

November 2008 - DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 7

Liam is presenting his 'Virtualisation for Developers' talk at the 7th DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! day held at Microsoft's UK headquarters in Reading. The event registration closed within 4 hours, confirming this as the the most popular UK community event.

Full agenda, with Liam on at 10.40, Everest

October 2008 - .NET Developer Network (Bristol) Presentation

Liam will be providing an overview of use of virtual machines for developers. What is virtualisation? Where would you use it? Why is it worthwhile?

Also included, tips on installation and configuration to get the best out of your virtual machines.

Event details - October 2008 Meeting.

August 2008 - NxtGenUG Oxford Presentation

Liam will be presenting on the rise of the importance of unit testing and how that leads to continuous integration and tools such as CI Factory.

What are the principles of continuous integration? If you're too afraid/poor to install TFS what are the options? If you've looked around but were wary of the learning curve of Cruise Control .Net, NAnt and MSBuild, CI Factory might be the solution for you.

NxtGenUG event details - Wednesday 6 August 2008.

July 2008 - CI Factory for newbies

Liam will be presenting a short CI Factory talk for the London .NET User Group on Thursday 24 July 2008.

Also on that night is Ian Cooper with a longer presentation on Domain Driven Design (DDD), looking at the key concepts of DDD and implementation in .NET.

October 2007 - NxtGenUG Presentation

Liam will be presenting a grok talk at Monday, October 15, 2007 at the NxtGenUG Birmingham regional meeting; 'Programming With Dinosaurs'.

This is a wide ranging presentation on having 'fun' with Windows Services; tackling the basic infrastructure used by Windows Services, strategies for debugging, installation and resilient master/slave service deployments.

May 2007 - Fest07 - Grok talk

Liam will be presenting a grok talk at Fest07 at Microsoft campus in Reading; 'Continuous Integration for newbies made easy - A quick guide to CI Factory'.

The conference is organised by the NxtGenUG (Next Generation User Group).

Presentation now available here (PowerPoint 2003 and Acrobat PDF versions).

June 2006 - DDD3 - 3rd June 2006 resources

Now available, all the materials from my DDD3 Presentation, 'How to start your own Software Development company for £5000';

My original spreadsheet (not as interesting as the final one) is here

And the spreadsheet with input from the DDD3 audience which went £34 over budget is here.

Previous news

You can view previous items of news and press releases from the Tiger Computer Services new archive here.